The State of California has always been a leader in promoting energy efficient and safer methods of using energy. The Hero program is another example of how California is ahead of the rest of the country. The Hero program is part of the PACE (Property Assessment Clean Energy) program that is designed to provide financing to homeowners and business owners to make energy efficiency, water efficiency and renewable energy improvements.

Homeowners that are approved for the program can get 100% financing for the to buy and have installed energy efficient products. The money that is financed is repaid through the property tax bills. The Hero program will also make sure that all of the work is done properly and the homeowner gets what they are paid for. There are things that the homeowner should expect before, during and after they have entered the Hero program.


An assessment of the home will be made to make sure that any energy efficiency improvements that are being made are eligible for the program. There is also help available to make sure that the price paid for the improvements is competitive. A list of contractors that are registered with the program will help the homeowner find a contractor that they can trust to do the job the right way.


The Hero program does not allow for shortcuts to be taken during the improvements. They require the homeowner or business owner to obtain all the necessary permits and inspections required for the work that is being done. They also require that any of the equipment that is being installed in the home is certified by the proper state or federal agencies to be energy efficient.


Any of the contractors working with the Hero program have agreed not to take any upfront payments. They are not paid until all of the work is completed and the customer is satisfied.

The Hero program offers support from the start to the end of the project so no homeowner or business owner feels like they are stranded during the process. There is always someone that will answer the questions that may arise.

RG Heating and Air Conditioning participates in the Hero program and is proud to help California communities lead the way in energy efficiency. They abide by all of the rules and regulations of the program and work to ensure that all of their customers get exactly what they expect.


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