The State of California wants their homeowners to have the most energy efficient homes possible. They are accomplishing this in several ways. They are working to educate homeowners on how and why they should make their home more energy efficient. They are working to let people know what they can do to make their homes more energy efficient. They are working with contractors to make sure that the work that is done really helps the homeowners. One of the ways they are doing this is through the California Energy Upgrade Program

What is it?

The California Energy Upgrade program was established to make it easier for homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient. In order to accomplish this, the program has established itself as a place homeowners can go to find the right qualified contractors to improve their home and also helps the homeowner find the financing and incentives to pay for the improvements.  The program is run by the local utilities and the regional energy networks.

How to Take Advantage

A homeowner can go to the program's website to find a list of qualified contractors in their area. The contractor will come into the home and assess the needs of the home. They will make recommendations about the steps that the homeowner can take to improve the energy efficiency of their home. The contractor can also help fill out the paperwork needed to get the rebates that are available. Rebates come in two different packages.

  • Basic Package – Homeowners can get up to $3,000 for improvements in the home. The money can be used for:
  • Attic and wall insulation
  • Duct Sealing
  • Replacement of heating and cooling systems
  • Window replacement
  • The contractor can provide information on these and other improvements that are eligible under this package.
  • Homeowners can get up to $6,500 for improvements that are eligible under the basic package, but can also receive money for improvements such as:
  • Lighting
  • Water Heater 
  • Roof

RG Heating and Air Conditioning provides AC Repair & Replacement and Furnace Replacement & Repair through this program and is a certified contractor under the California Energy Upgrade Program. They will work with the homeowners to make sure they get everything they are eligible for under this program that will help make homes:

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